I Love Feedback!

The last couple of Sundays a lot of new people have come to our services. This is a great blessing! All newcomers (and more seasoned visitors) should know that I love feedback. It is always uplifting to hear someone say that they liked the sermon. Hearing someone say that the sermon was to long and boring, is not that uplifting, but at least I can do something about it then (shorter sermons and more jokes?). If you have suggestions that you think would improve our Prayer services or ideas for other activities I would love to hear them. If you would like to start a bible study group – I can help you with the practical things. In my mind this congregation is a group effort, so please, give me feedback!
This coming Sunday is centred round the Golden rule (Matt 7:12). What is the difference between a negative and a positive wording of this commandment? How does one overcome evil with good? Should conflict be avoided at all cost? Readings: Jer 38:7-13, Rom 12:16-21, Matt 7:12. Please join us this coming Sunday – 5 pm in the Cathedral.