A New Beginning

First Sunday in Advent marks beginning of the new ecclesiastic year here in Sweden. It is the equivalent of New Years day. To celebrate we are joined by Lund’s International Student Choir. To make room for everyone we are going to be at the high altar this time. This is a special place in the Cathedral, normally of limit to visitors. The wooden chairs are from the 14th century – carved by hand by skilled artists. Historically only bishops and ministers were allowed to sit in these chairs. Common people weren’t even allowed to up at the high altar. Luckily things have changed and you are all invited to join me!
Also after the Service there will be an unique opportunity to visit the new “golden” building next to the Cathedral. It will open to the public on Saturday and it is going to be extremely crowed inside the entire weekend. However since the building will be officially closed after the service we will have the entire building to ourselves on this guided tour conducted by yours truly. So take the chance to see some of the places we will have access to from now on.
Finally another bit of good news. A congregation in the U.S has decided to donate some Hymnals to us! So hopefully we will once again have hymnals at the beginning of 2012. A true blessing!
Readings: Zech 9:9-10, Rom 13:11-14, Matt 21:1-9.