Hymns are not my strongpoint. A month ago someone stole our hymnals from the Cathedral. Since then I have had to scan and print every single hymn we were going to sing the coming Sunday. It takes time! Luckily a former minister heard about our predicament. He now serves in the U.S. and was in a position to help us. Two different congregations in the town were he works were going to be joined together. There were hymnals left over and nobody knew what to do with them until this minister, through someone in our congregation, heard about the theft. 50 hymnals are now on the way. God works in mysterious ways!
I know the Swedish hymnal back and forth after 17 years as a minister in the Church of Sweden. The English hymnal is another thing though. I do my best, often with the help of the internet to find appropriate hymns for every Sunday. The learning curve is steep though. So, if you have suggestions they are more than welcome. Tell me your favourite hymns and I promise we will sing them!
Please join us this coming Sunday at 5 pm in the Cathedral. Readings: Isaiah 29:17-21, 1 Cor 4:1-5, Matt 11:2-11.
The Service is followed by a Christmas dinner. If you want to join us for this – please contact me before Friday.

PS. I was just told that our hymnals have arrived from the U.S.A. Praise be to God! (And to Art Keith!)