What a year!

The time has come to summarize 2011. Looking back we went from having our Services in three different places during spring to a permanent place and time in the Cathedral this fall – 5pm every Sunday. Attendance doubled during 2011! Some Sundays we ran out of hymnals and it was standing room only. Then our hymnals were stolen! But with God’s help, and with the help of Art Keith, we got 50 new ones. We saw a lot of great people come and go. That is the sad part of being an international congregation – people come here to work or study and then they leave. I wish we could keep you all! From a personal point of view, this has probably been my best year as a minister. I had so much fun and meet so many great people this year – thanks be to God! With God’s help it is my hope that the congregation will continue to grow during 2012.
This coming Sunday there will be a Prayer Service in the Cathedral at 5 pm. Anna Torbrand will lead it.
Readings: Exodus 33:18-23, Eph 1: 7-14, John 2:1-11. Please join us!