Giving up for Lent

Last Tuesday, me and a couple of others saw the movie Romero about Oscar Romero (read more about him in last week’s blog). The day after Lent started. Seeing the movie was, to me, a great way to start preparing for Lent. Oscar Romero gave his life to follow in the footsteps of Jesus. Lent is a time when we prepare ourselves for the meeting with the risen Christ. A time when we try even harder to follow in the footsteps of Christ. Lent should be a time when we sacrifice something of our own as a sacrifice to God. We can give our time – volunteering for some charity or visiting someone who needs visiting. We can give money – helping others affected by war, famine or poverty. These are things, we as Christians, always should do, but during lent – even more so!
Please join us tomorrow for Holy Communion Service in the Cathedral at 5 pm.