It’s a miracle!

As a minister, I ’m frequently asked about the miracles Jesus performed. I guess most of us, at one time or another; have had to answer questions about this. Do you really believe that Jesus turned water into wine- that he could walk on water? How is it possible for you, as a modern, rational person, to believe in things like that? As a theologian it is also easy to get into different interpretations. If you know, for example, that water symbolised chaos and the forces of evil back in biblical times, the fact that Jesus walked on water takes on a different meaning. In my view, that doesn’t mean that all miracles should be interpreted symbolically. I still believe in the miracles as they stand even if interpreting gives them added meaning. What people who ask about miracles often forget is that we as Christens see our entire life as a miracle. Isn’t it a miracle that we are alive? That we can see, hear and speak? God has done everything for us – given us life, our daily bread, people to be with and to love. It is a miracle to be alive; it is a miracle to be a human being. The gospel that – although written down long ago, still sheds light on my life, today and until my last breath – is in itself a miracle. If you view life in this light, you also view the miracles in the bible differently. To the believer the miracles in the bible aren’t problems that needs to be solved, but instead speaks of God’s love – a love that is also part of our everyday life.
Please join us for Holy Communion Service this coming Sunday at 5 pm in the Cathedral. Readings: 2 King 4:42-44, 2 Cor 9: 8-10, John 6: 1-15.