Spread the light!

For me, the highlight of every year is the Midnight Holy Communion service held in the Cathedral on Easter. It is my absolute favorite because one quite literally gets to walk in the footsteps of Jesus’ disciples. First, when the Cathedral is dark, we walk together to the grave down in the Crypt carrying with us incense to symbolize the spices the women carried with them to the grave. Down there we discover that the grave is empty and we shout together – Christ has risen. The Easter candle is lit and carried from the Crypt to the High Alter – now the Cathedral is filled with flowers and light. With the risen Christ we get to confirm our faith and our baptism and also partake in the Holy Communion – share bread with the risen Christ like the disciples did. At the end we walk out into the night holding candles while the Cathedral bells ring sending the message that Christ is alive. The candles we carry with us out into the night symbolizes our mission. We are to spread the light – bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ with us to the world.
Ok, so now we are standing there in the night with our candle. It is dark all around us and the wind makes the candle flame flicker. How does one bear witness to Christ? How does one go about telling people about everything we have just witnessed? This is the subject for the sermon this coming Sunday. Readings: Isaiah 43:10-13, 1Cor 15:1-11, John 21:1-14. Welcome!