My favourite place

This coming Sunday I’m going to be talking about a form of Prayer which is connected to our breathing. Breathing in we are receiving life. Breathing out we give our life back to God. This form of prayer is sometimes called Contemplation. It has been practised by Christians for centuries – especially in monasteries. My favourite place in Lund , beside the Cathedral of course, is Liberiet – the 15th century building next to the Cathedral. On the second floor you are invited to silent contemplation four times every week. (Mondays 12.30 – 13.30, Thursdays 17 – 18, Fridays 7 – 8 and 8.45 – 9.45) For me it is a place of inner peace. Whenever I climb the stairs I find my self relaxing. Sadly, few people have discovered this opportunity to find peace in the middle of town. If you would like to try it out you are welcome on Mondays 12.15 for a short introduction.