Winding Down

We have now reached the time of year when the town of Lund changes gear. In the next couple of weeks anyone who stays in Lund will notice that it’ll get less and less crowded in the streets and in the shops. In the middle of June the metamorphosis will be complete. Lund will have transformed from a busy University town into a ghost town. Sometime it feels that the only people still here are the tourists coming to see the Cathedral. I actually like this time of year in Lund. There are no cues. You can go to a movie without planning it ahead of time. You can go into a shop, grab what you want and be out there in no time – without having to stand in line. The atmosphere is very mellow and the parks and outdoor cafés are very nice in the summer. If you want to go sightseeing you can buy a Jojo summercard and travel all over Skåne between 15th of June and the 15th of August for 550 Skr. Some of my favourite places to visit are Västra hamnen in Malmö and Ale Stenar outside Simrishamn on the East coast of Skåne. The Holy communion Services in the Cathedral will continue all through summer but we are going to use a slightly shorter order of worship without a sermon. – Coffee afterwards as usual for anyone who wants a bit of company after walking around in an empty town all day. In August things will wind up again. The new International Students arrive in the middle in August and they are followed by the Swedish students some weeks later. In the beginning of September the peace and quite will be over – so enjoy it while it lasts. This is my last blog entry this term. I will start writing again in September. There will be updates on our Facebook page – search for Lund´s Cathedral/Services in English. Have a great summer!