Be a Pilgrim

The 7th of October is going to be a busy Sunday. We will start already at 3 pm with a pilgrimage through in Lund. We start in front of the Cathedral and will then walk to different sacred places here in Lund. During the Middle ages there were more than 27 different Churches and Convents here in Lund. All monastic orders were represented. During the Reformation 25 of these Churches and monasteries were torn down. During our walk we will visit the sites of these holy places and learn about their history. So, the walk is a pilgrimage through the historical Lund, but it is also a spiritual exercise. During we walk we will stop and pray and also walk a short stretch in silence. The two ministers working with pilgrim walks in the Cathedral, Anna and Agneta, will guide us through the pilgrimage. If you are interested in doing more pilgrimages they will tell you about other opportunities to do so.
At 5 pm we will return to the Cathedral for our Holy Communion Service. We will be visited by the International Student’s Choir of Lund so there will be lots of music and singing. The sermon will be much shorter though since the pilgrimage is the sermon for this Sunday. Afterwards we will all be ready for coffee.