To Follow your Own Path

One of my absolute favourite movies is” Dead Poet Society” with Robin Williams. In it he plays a teacher at a traditional boarding school for boys. The boys are under extreme pressure trying to live up to their parents expectations. They are expected to become the leaders of tomorrow – being accepted to the best Universities and having successful careers. Their path is laid out by their parents and teachers. Robin Williams plays a teacher who instead encourages the boys to be themselves – to follow their own path through life.
I have always viewed Robin Williams’s character as being Christ like. Someone once said that we, as humans, are born as originals, but to often die like copies. As humans we are moulded by our parents, by teacher, by friends and by society. Too often we are forced into “roles” that we are not comfortable with. But it is my firm belief that God wants us to be unique, because he created us like unique individuals. None of us are the same, so why do we try so hard to be like each other? We will see the movie on Thursday at 7 pm at Domkyrkoforum. Afterwards there will be coffee. Welcome!