Bring a Friend

When working as a minister these days you often work with marketing. To be heard in our day and age you have to know how to “market” your product. So if I want people to come to our Holy Communion Service and other activities I have to spend a lot of time getting people to know about them. In the beginning of every term I produce leaflets to hand out, print posters, visit different people to make sure they know about us, blog on our webpage and update Facebook. I also greet students at the General Information Meeting, organize a table at the General Information Market and guide international students in the Cathedral handing out information about our Holy Communion Service. Standing in front of 500 students I often know that less than 10% will listen to what I say. Still, I know from experience that what I have to say is regarded as very important information by some of the students. Reaching people with information about our Holy Communion Services is an important job, because every now and then people who come to our Services say that they have been looking and looking for months – not finding a place to worship until now. So I spend a lot of time trying to reach people with information. However I also know that the best way to spread information is the ancient way – by word of mouth. People telling friends and inviting them to join them – that is how Christianity grew from the beginning. I believe it is the best way even in our high-tech world. So please – help spread the word and bring a friend!