Staying in Lund?

In a couple of weeks Lund will be a ghost town. Most students will have left and when school is out lots of people living in Lund on a permanent basis will go off on vacation. But fear not! The Holy Communion Service in the Cathedral will continue all through summer and so will fellowship afterwards. During my vacation time some members from the congregation will step in to deliver a short homily and colleges from the Cathedral will do the Holy Communion part. I’m very grateful for this! Having members of the congregation fill in for me is an absolute dream and something you just don’t see in the Church of Sweden. If I don’t watch out they will probably take over completely! Any way, what to do when you are stuck in Lund over summer? Actually there are lots of things to do! First thing you should do is to get the Summer Jojo card which will give you access to public transportation in all of Skåne from June 15 until August 15 for just under 600 Skr. You can get the card in all the usual places. The next couple of weeks I will write about some of my favorite destinations in the region. Feel free to add to the list on our Facebook page.
1. Ven, an small island between Sweden and Denmark. Go to Landkrona by train and take the bus to the harbor. There you will find the ferry to Ven. On Ven rent a bike and bike around the island. There is lots to see and the scenery is stunning! Avoid sunny weekends – then everybody will go there!
2. Sofiero Castle. Take the train to Helsingborg and ask about a bus to Sofiero. This is for everyone who loves beautiful gardens. It was once the Summer resident of the King. Best time to go – early in June when everything is in bloom.
3. Helsingör – take the train to Helsingborg and the ferry to Denmark. Helsingör is a charming Danish town where lots of Swedes go to buy beer (as you will surely notice). There is a beautiful castle worth visiting (Hamlet was set here) and you can buy a special ice cream with whipped cream, jam and “flödeboll” in an alley leading away from the square just outside the train station. If you want to you can also stay on the boat and go back and forth between Sweden and Denmark while dining in the restaurang on board – this is known among locals as “tura”.
4. The museum of Modern Art – Louisiana. Take the train from Helsingör south and get off in Humlebaek. It is a short way to the museum and signs to show the way. Another way to go here is to buy a Öresund –runt ticket that will allow you to go in one direction on both the Swedish and Danish side of Öresund. You can get off and on whenever you like.