Ok, so it is still cold and dark outside. A lot of people in Sweden have a hard time with January, but for me November has always been worse. The difference between the two is that whereas in November it is still getting darker and darker, in January things have turned around – it is getting lighter and lighter everyday – in January there things to look forward to! A local tradition that will effect all of you this spring is Lundakarnevalen – festivities held by students in Lund every forth year. Prepare for an invasion of partygoers in May …and everything is taking place around the Cathedral! If you are a student at the University you can be a part of it all if you volunteer as a karnevalist – roll call is on the 9th of February. In our congregation there are also things to look forward to. Besides our Holy Communion Services every Sunday at 5 pm there are other activities. Below you will find them listed. To start things of there is our Meet `n` Greet pot-luck this coming Monday at 7 pm. Hope to see you there!

Spring activities 2014
27/1 19.00 Meet ´n´ Greet pot-luck, Domkyrkoforum
23/2 14.00 Guided Tour of the Cathedral – learn about the Cathedral and the history of Lund
23/3 14.00 Guided Tour of the Cathedral
16.00 Walk the Labyrinth. Curious about the Labyrinth on the Square between the Cathedral and Domkyrkoforum? Find out more and walk in it.
13/4 14.00 Guided Tour of the Cathedral
15.30 Pilgrimage through the historical Lund.
7/5 19.00 International Pot-luck, Domkyrkoforum
10/5 13-17 Into the Wild! More info to come.
1/6 14.00 Guided Tour of Cathedral
Still to come: Movie nights at Kino, Cell groups, Bible study.