Into the Desert

Lent is upon us! This coming Sunday we will read about how Jesus spent 40 days and 40 nights in the desert. When we talk about lent, we often talk about giving up something like alcohol, sweets or rich food. But Lent can also be about going into the desert. By this I mean spending time during Lent actively trying to distance ourselves from the hustle and stress of ordinary life in different ways. This can mean different things for different people. It can be about abstaining from Facebook, the internet or television for a while. It can also be about spending more time church – in the cathedral there are over 20 services each week. And – you don’t need to go to a service to spend more time in church. The Cathedral is open everyday from 8 in the morning until at least 6 in the evening. The part of the church where we hold our services is reserved for quite meditation and prayer during the day. Why not enjoy some peace and quite for a small part of your day. If you want go even further in this direction there is the Taizé service every Thursday at 6.30 pm and silent contemplation at Liberiet four times every week. If you like an introduction – just ask me, or just come on a Monday at 12.15. For those who really want to experience what it is like to step out of your life for a while there are retreats. During a retreat you go away for a couple of days to a monastery or a retreat centre to spend a couple of days in complete silence. You spend time with yourself reading or praying and take part in several small prayer services during the day. There are several places locally, in Sweden and Internationally where you can go if you want to experience this. If you are interested – ask me and I will point you in the right direction – into the desert!