Ministry Matters

A while ago I was sent a video link by a member in our congregation. When I followed it I came to a short video with the title “Ministry Still Matters”. The content is kind of hard to describe – it is a song/poem with the purpose to recruit new ministers/ pep those who are already ministers. If you want to see for yourselves you can see search for “Ministry Still Matters” on Youtube.
I found the video very inspiring – so much so that I forwarded it to three young people I would like to see in ministry. Ministry matters – I was reminded of this last Thursday when during the course of one day got to comfort someone who was grieving, sat in a meeting with the expressed purpose of finding new solutions to help the beggars on the street and finally was called to hospital to help a family in need. Not all days are like this, but days like this isn’t as unusual as you might think – ministry still matters! Now, I feel really privileged to be in a position that makes me able to sometimes make a difference in people’s lives. But I’m not the only one. According to Martin Luther all believers are ministers. I like this teaching! Not everyone gets to do the things I get to do as an ordain ministers, but everyone can do the things that really matters – console those who grieve, do something to help a beggar, bring comfort to a family in need. So look around – where can you make a difference? And be aware – I consider our congregation to be a community of ministers. Thanks Leisha for the inspiration!