Lund Cathedral to host catholic masses starting fall of 2018

Catholic masses have not been celebrated on a regular basis in Lund cathedral since the Reformation. But starting October 21st this year, the Cathedral will open up for the catholic parish of Saint Thomas to celebrate their Sunday masses there, until their parish church is ready for use again after major restoration work.

Lund cathedral, founded in the 10th century, became the centre of attention for Christians around the world in October 2016, when Pope Francis attended the joint Catholic-Lutheran Commemoration of the 500 year anniversary of the Reformation. In the medieval church a document was signed, by the Pope and Munib Younan, from The Lutheran World Federation: ”From conflict to communion”.

Anders Piltz, präst i katolska kyrkan, Lena Sjöstrand, domkyrkokaplan, Johan Lindén, kyrkoherde i S:t Thomas katolska församling och Bo Sandahl, domprost i Lund.

This initiative follows on from this historic meeting in the city, and in nearby city of Malmö in 2016.

– Many were moved by the strong feelings of belonging, hope, and togetherness during the Joint Commemoration. It was not a one-off event but has merely inspired to further efforts of bringing Lutherans and Catholics closer together, for instance during ecumenical Vespers in our churches, says Lena Sjöstrand, cathedral chaplain and one of the main promotors for this weekly initiative.

More than just a practical solution

The coming weekly celebration of catholic masses in Lund cathedral is something beyond a practical solution. It’s a concrete way of bringing Catholics and Lutherans closer together by focusing on what they have in common rather than what separates the two.

– This ecumenical initiative is an important milestone, putting into practise the spirit of the historic encounter in our cathedral, Lena Sjöstrand says.


For further information, please Lena Sjöstrand, +46 (0)46 71 88 81