Welcome to the Cathedral of Lund. Ecumenical worship services in English are held every Sunday at 5 p.m. in or near Lund Cathedral. Lund Cathedral was consecrated in 1145, and contains many well-known artefacts and features of considerable historical interest.

Download the Cathedrals official iPhone app from AppStore (search for Lund Cathedral). When in Lund you may buy  brochures inside the Cathedral.

Contact information for english speaking acitivities

Do you have any questions regarding the English speaking church activites?
Please contact:
Pastor Jan Kjellström, 046-35 87 35, 0705 – 58 77 68
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Information about the Cathedral

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To anyone organizing tours to Lund Cathedral

To make your visit here as pleasant as possible here are a few things to consider.

Ecumenical worship services in English

Ecumenical worship services in English are held every Sunday at 5 p.m. in Lund Cathedral.


You are welcome to the Student chaplain’s office if you need someone who listens to you – your thoughts, worries or maybe your dreams.

Pastor Jan Kjellström' s blog

Follow pastor Jan Kjellströms blog with the latest news regarding the english-speaking congregation.

Taizé in English

First Thursday of every month, 6.30 pm in the Cathedral Crypt. Our order of Service is inspired by Taizé.


Are you considering christening your child? For more information please contact the parish office, 046-35 88 88, lundspastorat.exp@svenskakyrkan.se.

Welcome to Lund Cathedral