For leaders of visiting groups

All groups are warmly welcome to visit Lund Cathedral. But in order that everything should flow smoothly we would ask you to take note of the following points:

  • Please contact the Cathedral in good time before your visit to arrange for a particular date and possible time:
  • The Cathedral´s own guides have precedence in the guiding of groups, so we ask you to coordinate your guiding needs at the information desk:
  • Guiding and photography is not permitted in the baptism chapel to the right of the alter since this is reserved at all times for private worship and services.
  • Groups should keep together. We would also appreciate if group members are asked, preferably before entering the Cathedral, to be as quiet as possible.
  • All are welcomed to participate in Cathedral services and concerts, but we ask that all guiding activities cease while these are in progress.
  • On Saturdays guided groups are not permitted before 10.45; and on Sundays before 12.30.
  • A contribution to the Cathedral is expected from the group.