Outside the Norm

The last year or so there has been a debate going on here in Sweden about religion and its place in society. Sweden is one of the most secularized countries in the world, and some have argued that having a religious belief is outside the norm. Naturally I disagree with this assessment. Having a faith is not to be outside the norm. On the contrary – the majority of people living in our world have religious beliefs. Even in Sweden, polls show that over 50% of people have some kind of religious belief. Being the minister for the Ecumenical English-speaking church brings this point home. The Christian faith is something that unites a large part of the world’s population. Although we are from different countries and cultures, we share our belief in Jesus Christ. It is something that pulls us together instead of pulling us apart. Having a religious belief is not to be outside the norm – it is part of being human! Please join us this Sunday(6/2) for Holy Communion Service in the Cathedral at 5 pm.