The Good Shepherd

I have just finished writing my sermon for the coming Sunday. The good shepherd is not my favourite theme. In biblical times people saw shepherds every day. They were a part of everyday life and that is probably why they are frequently used as metaphors in the Bible. Today it’s different. I have never seen a shepherd in real life. Most of us haven’t. To understand what Jesus means when he talks about himself like a shepherd therefore takes a lot of decoding. It takes time and effort to learn about shepherds in biblical times. What was their job like? How did they live? How were they viewed by people? My job as a minister is to decode the text and translate it in a way so that it becomes relevant for people living today. This is something a like to do.
However, many of them criticizing religion today refuse to do their homework. They read the Bible, get upset about what they read, but won’t do the research necessary to fully understand what is being said. Sometimes it is really embarrassing to listen to some of the things being said by these so called critics. If you are going to review music – you need to know something about music. If you are going to write about art – you need to know something about art. How is it that many of them criticizing faith and religion feel they can do so without really knowing anything about it? If you want to know more about the good shepherd, please join us this coming Sunday at S:t Mikael at 5 pm.