What’s going on…?

If you want to have information about what’s going on you have several possibilities. If you are reading this blog – that’s one way of finding out about our work. You can subscribe to my blog using a RSS-reader. However, if you just want information about time and date there is better ways. We now have a page on Facebook – Lund’s Cathedral/Services in English. If you go to that page and press the like button you will get all our information through your Facebook account. Time and place for all Holy Communion services and other activites will be posted there. If you don’t have a Facebook account or prefer not to use it for information you can send me an e-mail and I will see to it that you’ll get our weekly e-mail. From now on I will use this blog to write more interesting thoughts about the upcoming Sunday. I will also post which text will be read the coming Sunday – this way those of you who would like to read up and “prepare” for the coming Sunday will hopefully find some inspiration. You will also get a preview of my sermon (so you can decide if you are going to come or not  ). This coming Sunday Malin Pihlgren will lead the Holy Communion Service at 5 pm in the Cathedral. Malin was ordained this summer and has studied Theology in Chicago. You are welcome to join us!