It’s a miracle!

Coming Sunday we are going to talk about miracles. Have you experienced one? Most of us have most likely, at one time or another, prayed for a miracle. Some even try to make them happen. With time most of us have probably found that miracles have very little to do with what we do. Because only God have the power to make miracle happen. So what can you do when you really need a miracle to happen? Readings this coming Sunday: Jos 2:1-15, Heb 11:29-33, Mark 2:1-12.
Like I have written before. Sunday the 6th of November there will be no Holy Communion Service in the Cathedral at 5 pm. Instead we will do a pilgrimage to a Cemetery just outside Lund. We will start at 3 pm at the front of the Cathedral. The walk is 8 km long and we will walk at a leisurely pace. We will also stop to contemplate at intervals. Afterwards there will be coffee at Liberiet as usual. We expect to be back around 6 pm. We are joined by Anna Alebo this Sunday. She is a minister working with pilgrimage and have helped us before. Please join us!