Hymnals and Pilgrimage

As some of you already know – our hymnals were stolen last week from the Cathedral! We didn’t have very many to begin with, and now we don’t have any. Luckily I had a copy at home so I will have to scan hymns for us to sing the coming weeks. Hopefully the hymnals will be returned to us. I can’t see anyone having much use for them outside our Services.
This coming Sunday we will do a pilgrimage. It is the day after All Saints Day here in Sweden – day when Swedes traditionally remember their loved ones that have passed away. On cemeteries all over Sweden there will be lit candles on the graves. On this day we want to commemorate those who no one remembers or talks about. Outside Lund lies a cemetery were no candles will be lit. It used to belong to the large mental hospital that was located here in Lund from 1879 until the end of the last century. The hospital was forces to get its own cemetery since the people of Lund didn’t want the mental patients to be buried in town. To be mentally ill shameful and families used to hide family members who became ill. They were sent to the Asylum and never talked about again. Even in death they were outcasts. The last patient was buried in 1951 and after that the cemetery was forgotten.
By walking to this Cemetery we want to honour those buried there. We also want to pray for people who suffer from mental illness today. Although things have gotten better, they are still a group of people who are often overlooked in society.