Common Ground

Using a hymnal other than the Swedish has been a new experience for me. After working as a minister for almost 20 years I know the Swedish hymnal almost by heart. To start using a new English hymnal was to begin again – from scratch. This was actually one of my biggest fears when taking on this job– how was I going to be able to pick out hymns for our Holy Communion Service when I didn’t know any of them? Now more than a year has passed and little by little I have discovered a new treasure of hymns. I have learned new hymns, some of which are now among my favourites. I have also discovered that we as Christians share common ground when it comes to hymns. Many of the hymns in the English hymnal I knew from before since they are also in the Swedish hymnal. There are even a handful of Swedish hymnals in the English hymnal – it is a strange experience to sing a hymn by Lina Sandell in English! Also, lots of people have been helpful and shared their favourite hymns with me – thank you! Using a new hymnal has taught me that we as Christians have lots in common. It doesn’t really matter where we come from or which background we have when it comes to our faith – we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. Please join us this coming Sunday at 5 pm in the Cathedral as we welcome Lund’s International Student’s Choir. Readings: Ezekiel 34:11-16, 1 Peter 2: 22-25, John 10: 1-10.