Lund vs Uppsala

In a recent Facebook comment I argued the merits of Lund as a University town over Uppsala. It was a friendly repartee where I, among other things, argued that there had been a school for higher learning in Lund, founded in 1424, long before the university in Uppsala was founded. The person from Uppsala, which prides themselves of being the oldest University in Scandinavia, then replied that a school for monks couldn’t be considered to be an university – a brilliant response except, of course, for the fact that almost all universities started out as schools for monks! Living in a secular society I am frequently amazed about how little knowledge people have about the role Christianity and the Church have played in the building process of our modern society. People often know about the crusades, the inquisition and the burning of witches (things the Church rightly should be ashamed about!) What they often don’t know is that the concept of children going to schools to learn and the founding of Universities is also closely linked to Christianity. The same is true with hospitals and almost all other forms of care provided by today’s society. Without Convents and Churches, which kept Libraries and copied books, a lot of knowledge would have been lost. Without the Church we wouldn’t have the music written for the Church by for example Bach and Vivaldi. Christianity has played an important part in our history. The fact that so many seems ignorant of this is a sad fact in our modern and rational society.
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