A new home in the Church of Sweden

Zhou Nerve, a student of Genetics from Zimbabwe, has found a new home in the Church of Sweden.  Here he tells us his story.

I was born three decades ago on the countryside of Zimbabwe. As you may know, Zimbabwe is a Christian country, I was born and bred in the Evangelical Lutheran Church and attended a Lutheran Church mission school. I came to Sweden, Lund University per se, to do my PhD in Genetics and I will be here for the next four years.

This 4-year programme is really a very long period of time where one needs to be integrated into the community at large and one of the best ways is through the church community. I therefore really needed to be a church member as I have lived in a society interwoven with Christianity. When I came here I found myself wishing to be in the house of the Lord but I had no idea how to find the church I was brought up in.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Zimbabwe was founded in 1903 by missionaries of the Church of Sweden Mission and African evangelists from Natal (South Africa). But all this history had faded away and hence I could not find the mother of the churches in Zimbabwe as I needed to worship The Lord, our God, The Almighty. All my efforts were in vain until I met up a group of people who I asked and fortunately one of them was in the church, Svenska kyrkan. It was this day when I found myself under the house the Lord.

I would like to applaud the Svenska kyrkan for a well-planned church service in English as  language barriers is a usual problem for international students studying in Sweden. I therefore would like to invite fellow international students including those who are aspiring to come to Svenska kyrkan services, scheduled for 1700hrs every Sunday. I have found a new ‘home’ in Sweden. Praise the Lord!”

Zhou Nerve, Zimbabwe