We all need prayer in our life. Sometimes we also need someone to pray for us or for someone close to us. Every year over 100 000 candles are lit in the Cathedral. Each candle represents a prayer or a person close to someone. During my 20 years as a minister the requests for intercession prayer have increased steadily. When I now work nights at the pastoral care hotline, people asking me to pray for them make up roughly 25% of the calls. Because of this, from now on there is going to be a possibility to write down prayer requests at every Holy Communion Service in English. We are going to put a table in the middle with a pen and paper and a box to put the requests in. The table is going to be there before, during and after the service. I’m also going to ask before we begin our intercession prayer if there are any prayer requests for the day. A third possibility will be our new e-mail address Using this address you can write to us asking us to pray for you of someone else. If you want the prayer included on Sunday you should write – please pray for this on Sunday. If you write a prayer request someone will pray for you. Would you like to belong to the group with the responsibility to pray? The Lord has given us all different gifts – maybe it is your gift to pray? If you would like to be part of our group of people who pray for others – please write an e-mail to