Laudate Omnes Gentes

Last spring an international student from France talked with me about having an ecumenical Taizé meeting here in Lund. She had been in Taizé several times and used to attend services in the spirit of Taizé here in Lund. Herself a Catholic, she found it odd that the people who participated in the two different Services (there is one in the Catholic Church and one in the Cathedral) never met. She used to go to both services. So, she approached me and Brother Björn, who works with Domino – the Catholic student group, with the idea to have a Taizé meeting where everybody met. Last fall we had the first one in St Thomas Catholic Church. For me it was one of the highlights of last fall. There was about 50 people present from different backgrounds and different nationalities. We worshiped together, shared a meal and talked our life and our faith in God. It was a truly great experience. The 16th of March between 3.30 in the afternoon and 9.30 in the evening we will have a second Taizé meeting in Lund Cathedral. This time we are also joined by the Pentecostal Church here in Lund. If you have never attended a Taizé meeting before this is a great opportunity. I can really recommend it. There is more information on Facebook – Taizé day in Lund.