Count your Blessings

A spiritual advice that I try to follow is to give thanks everyday. One of my favorite Christian authors, the Swedish Bishop Martin Lönnebo, recommends writing down one thing one is thankful for every day. After one year one has a book filled with things to be grateful about. To end every day in this way is also, in my experience, a recipe for a good nights sleep. Actually modern science is saying the same thing. People, who focus on thing they are grateful for, instead of thing they are not satisfied with, are more harmonious and healthier. In short, being grateful and giving thanks is good for us, both in a spiritual sense and when it comes to our health. Apart from my children, who are my greatest joy and for whom I am eternally grateful, I find myself most often being grateful for the people I meet everyday through my work as a minister. People often thank me for listening to them. Often I don’t think people realize how much them sharing their experiences with me means for me. I feel truly blessed! To my few things are as rewarding as listening to people talking about their life experiences or their ideas about life. Sometimes I can’t believe I get paid for doing this!
Another thing that fills me with gratitude is all the wonderful people I meet through my work as an English-speaking minister in the Cathedral. Not only is it often the best part of my week to meet them on Sundays, but I am also extremely grateful for their help and their commitment to our little congregation. Without them leading the Holy Communion Service would be much harder and there wouldn’t be any coffee after our Services and no Sunday school. So this week I want to say a big THANK YOU to everybody who helps out in different ways. And most of all – THANK YOU for being who you are and for sharing that with me!