Thank you!

The term is coming to an end and as usual I’m feeling a little sad because people are leaving. Our congregation is special because many of our visitors come and go. Exchange students might stay for one or two terms, Master students for one or two years and people working on their doctorate for several years, but still it is a fact of life that most people coming to our services will eventually leave to go back home. I could fill this blog with names of people I miss and who have contributed a lot to our congregation while they been here. Because it is also a fact that even though some of you only stay here a short while each one of you contribute to our congregation with your presences. As a congregation we also rely on people to volunteer to help out with different thing. Without our volunteers we wouldn’t have any coffee after the Service or Sunday school. I worked for 16 years in a congregation in Malmö before I came here and finding volunteers was always a problem in that congregation – since coming here it hasn’t been a problem at all. In the beginning, when the first term was coming to an end, I was filled with sadness, but also with dread, because it seemed to me that everybody was leaving. Back then it was only a dozen or so people coming to our Services and at least half of them were leaving! Would there even be a congregation after summer? Since then I have learned to trust in God when it comes to the future of our congregation. People leave, but somehow (by the Grace of God) new people seem to find their way into our congregation. So as the term draws to a close I would like to thank all of you – thank you for sharing your faith and your experiences with us! Thank you for all you have done and for being who you are! And come back and visit us sometime – our doors are always open.
Last, but not least, a special thank you to all you who come back year after year because Lund or Malmö or Kävlinge is now your home. Without you I would indeed feel very sad and lonely right now. At least now I know that there are others out there who share my feelings of sadness because the ones leaving are also your friends. And, I know that will be people from the congregation there with me this fall when we get ready to welcome new members – and makes all the difference for me. Thank you!