Starting Cell groups

Today’s blog is not written by me, but is instead a letter written by Carina who has volunteered to be in charge of coordinating our cell groups – great job!

welcome to cell groups

The small groups are called ‘cell groups’. We call them ‘cells’ because cells are the basic unit of the human body. Without cells the human body would not exist. Just as the Church is called the ‘Body of Christ’ in the Bible, the cell or small group is the basic unit of the Church. Also, as with our human body, the health of the individual cell is vital to the health of the whole body! Cell groups can also be named home groups or prayer groups.

We will start with two cell groups in our congregation this fall. We meet in each other’s homes every two weeks. We meet at 19.00 and it will last 1-1 1/2 hours. We will pray together and have a short Bible study. Sometimes Jan will come to have a longer Bible study with us.

One of the groups meets on Mondays at weeks with even numbers and the other group on Tuesdays in the weeks with odd numbers. Except for the first time when both groups meet in week 44. You can choose which group you want to join. Tell me which group you want to be in and if it works with both days for you, please write that so I can place you in the appropriate group.

The Monday Group has its first meeting on Monday, 28 October at 19:00/7pm.

The Tuesday Group has its first meeting on Tuesday, 29 October at 19:00/7pm.

Both groups have their first meeting at my house at the address Hällestadsvägen 146 in Dalby. Take the yellow bus to the bus station (Busstorget) in Dalby. Let me know if you need help finding the way. My phone number is 0705 18 65 14.

After the first meeting, I will only be in the Monday group, and we will take turns to meet at each other’s homes. It’s fine to be in the group even if you do not want us to meet in your home because you live in a small apartment or room.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Please let me know if you like to be in the Monday or Tuesday group.

Best regards,

Carina Innings