Everyday Treasure

Last week’s gospel reading was about the man who found a treasure while plowing his field. Like all parables this one can be interpreted in different ways.

In last Sunday’s HCS I gave you one interpretation – here is another one. Most of us lead ordinary lives. We get up in the morning, get off to school or work, come home in the afternoon, make supper, watch TV and go to bed. Day out and day in it is pretty much the same routine. This is something advertising often use when they try to sell us that trip or that produce that will get us away from it all. But what if our everyday lives is the greatest treasure of all?

A treasure that is always there right in front of us. Before I became a minister I worked a couple of years as a nurse’s aid at the hospital here in Lund. It was a real eye-opener to me, because there I got to meet people who had suddenly lost that which most of us take for granted – our everyday lives. I met people who dreamt of one day be able to brush their teeth by themselves. How many of us appreciate the simple act of being able to brush our own teeth – right, very few.

In my work as a minister I have continued to meet with people who dream of everyday life. Like the drug addict whose biggest dream was to be able to stay at home eating candy, watching a movie when it rained, instead of constantly having to be out there looking for money and drugs.

My point is this, in my experience as a nurse’s aide and as a minister – the thing that people miss the most, when it is not there anymore, is ordinary, often boring, everyday life. Maybe this realization is the treasure we might one day stumble upon – that everyday life is a great gift, and something you should savor every day.

So here is a spiritual exercise that will forever change your everyday life. In your evening prayer or before going to bed – give thanks for three ordinary things in your life. The fact that you have a roof over your head, the fact that you can brush your teeth by yourselves, that you have a bed to sleep in. If you right these things down every day and at the end of the year you will have a treasure chest filled with everyday pearls.