The Many Guises of European Catholicism

En serie föreläsningar på Lunds universitet av Centrum för teologi och religionsvetenskap samt Centrum för Europastudier. Alla föreläsningar är kostnadsfria och äger rum på LUX, Helgonavägen 3 i Lund.


Monday 4 February at 18:15, LUX B339
Prof. Thomas Bremer, Universität Münster: “Faith and Nation: The Catholic Church in South-Eastern Europe”

Wednesday 20 February at 18:15, LUX B339
Dr. Oleh Kindiy, Ukrainian Catholic University, Lviv: “Experience of Martyrdom and Persecution during Soviet Times and the Current Revival of Catholic Church(es) in Ukraine”

Thursday 28 March at 18:15, LUX B339
Magdalena Dziaczkowska, Lund University: “Theology of the Nation. The Role of the Catholic Church in Poland in Shaping and Preserving Polish National Identity”

Tisdag 9 april kl. 18:15, LUX B339
Prof. Yvonne Maria Werner, Lunds universitet: “Protest i traditionens namn. Den katolska traditionalistiska rörelsen”

Thursday 25 April at 18:15, LUX B339
Prof. Stephen Bullivant, St. Mary’s University, London: “MASS EXODUS: The ‘Who?’, ‘When?’ and ‘Why?’ of British Catholic Decline”

Tuesday 14 May at 18:15, LUX B339
Giada Ragone & Luca Pietro Vanoni, University of Milan: “Separation between State and Church in Italy: The Constitutional Framework and the Crucifix Case”

Tuesday 21 May at 18:15, LUX B339
Ryszard Bobrowicz, Lund University: “Catholicism in Sweden: Embodying the ‘Church of Mission’”